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Your Partner in Growth: Chamunda Investment Services LLP

Ditch the confusion, embrace the growth! At Chamunda Investment Services LLP, we've been partner in financial success for over 24 years. We're AMFI-registered and led by Nikul Parmar, whose vision is to empower everyone with clear financial planning.

Think of us as your investment gym – we offer a variety of tools to help you reach your goals, from mutual funds and fixed deposits to insurance and tax planning. We even have specialized training (services) for those with more to invest.

About Us

Here's what makes us your perfect partner:

  • We speak your language. No financial jargon here – we explain things simply, so you understand how your money works for you.
  • Your goals are our focus. Whether it's a dream vacation, retirement security, or your child's education, we'll create a personalized plan to make it happen.
  • We're with you every step of the way. We don't just sell products and disappear. We're your ongoing support system, offering guidance and encouragement as you grow.

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Chamunda Investment Services LLP strives to empower individuals of all backgrounds to achieve their financial goals through personalized investment strategies, clear communication, unwavering client service and one stop solution for all your financial needs



Chamunda Investment Services LLP envisions becoming a leading financial services provider, recognized for fostering financial literacy, building strong client relationships, and consistently exceeding client expectations.


Investment Solutions

  • Mutual Funds: Diversify your portfolio and leverage professional management with a variety of mutual fund options.
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) & Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs): For sophisticated investors, we offer customized investment strategies through PMS and AIFs.
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits & Bonds: Secure your investments and earn consistent returns with corporate fixed deposits and bonds.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds & Tax-Saving Investments: Invest in gold with the security of government backing through Sovereign Gold Bonds. Explore tax-saving options like 54ec Capital Gain Bonds to optimize your financial strategy.

Comprehensive Financial Services

  • Goal Planning: We partner with you to define your financial goals and create a personalized roadmap to achieve them.
  • Tax Planning: Our specialists can guide you in optimizing your tax strategies to maximize your financial gain.
  • Retirement Planning: Plan a secure and comfortable future with our comprehensive retirement planning services.
  • Wealth Management: For high-net-worth individuals, we offer tailored wealth management solutions to preserve and grow your assets.

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